The journey to teaching began when I took my first dance movement class, right before 9/11, at the behest at one of my colleagues. I had recently been diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis stemming from a major accident at age 19. Although I was athletic, I had never taken a group exercise class or participated in any form of dance.


The class, called The Nia Technique, was part choreography and part freedance. It was challenging for my mind and fun for my body, and, best of all, cathartic and healing. Through Nia I discovered a deep disconnect I between mind and body that I never realized existed.


A series of synchronistic events landed me in a Nia teacher training in 2005, and I was off and dancing. Feeling connected and tapping into new-found potential (on and off the dance floor), I left a job that didn't align with my values, and became a Nia teacher.


Along the way, recognizing the need for sustained focus and core stability, I learned and became certified in Pilates. I had been studying various forms of yoga, and found my niche in an alignment-based and mindful vinyasa teacher practice, and soon became certified to teach.

As wonderful as it was to move and share this work with others, teaching and navigating NYC through the subway system took a physical toll.

One day after teaching a Nia class, a student invited me to a healing light meditation, which turned out to be a Reiki-infused, guided visualization. I laid down, and as the teacher began talking my body became numb. Emerging from that room, I felt I had the best rest that I had ever experienced. I began practicing regularly, eventually becoming certified in Reiki and developing my own Relaxation+Meditation class, which I am pleased to share with you through this platform.

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